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Call Center Branch Office

DTEC provides complete IT and ICT solutions for client's branch office operating in different state, to extend business away from Kuala Lumpur Headquarters.


Customer Service Reception

DTEC provides planning and design complete with structured cabling, process workflow, software system integration and user training.

Queue Management System.jpg

Residential Management Office

A property management office is fully equipped with computers, printer, networking and furniture for comfortable and efficient working environment.


Construction Site Surveillance

DTEC provides professional solutions included industry driven and trusted products for fulfilling client's requirements.


Multimedia Digital Display

DTEC provides digital display and printers solution for an event, complete with customized web system, which supports real time live input update from user during event.

Showroom Gallery

A show room setup with office networking for admins and WiFi hotspot for walk-in guests. DTEC provides professional service of structured cabling and networking design with configuration.

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